Atlantic Biomass Conversions
Biotech for Biofuels
Follow the Crop

Microbiological processes
enhanced by molecular biology
comprise many potential advanced pathways toward creating liquid biofuel.

Ralph J. Cicerone,
President National Academy of Sciences


Biofuel Production System

Atlantic Biomass is a Frederick biotech-biofuel company focused on developing cutting-edge systems to produce advanced biofuels from sustainable, non-food biomass.

Atlantic Biomass is also working on the development of a portable biofuel production system in conjunction with Encore Bioenergy LLC called “Follow-the-Crop”.

Instead of bringing Biomass Crops to Biorefineries, the Bioconversion Technology will go to the Crops.

Just as combines follow the harvest season, our “Follow-the-Crop” modules will be deployed nationwide as energy grasses and crops are harvested. 

These modules will convert biomass into high density biofuel intermediates using the Atlantic Biomass fast, low-cost enzyme system.  

will create viable markets for environmentally sustainable “energy” grasses and agricultural residues grown in stands as small as 10 acres. 

“Follow-the-Crop” will improve the income of small and medium growers, greatly helping rural economies throughout the country.

Current US Biofuel Production
Is Not Cost Competitive

The production of biofuels in the US is at a substantial roadblock.  Simply put, the economies of scale that allow the US oil industry to minimize both production and transportation costs are currently not available to the biofuel industry.

The Transportation Conundrum

Transporting large quantities
of low density, low value biomass to biorefineries is expensive

This limits the size of current biorefineries to the crops grown    within 20-30 miles.  Current technology biorefineries produce up to 50 million gallons per year. 

 The ten largest US oil refineries that supply 23% of all capacity average 5.5 billion gallons/year. (US DOE/EIA 2008 data.)

Current US R&D Does Not Address This Problem 

 The efforts of industry and current DOE/USDA biorefinery demonstration programs are aimed at creating integrated biorefinery systems based on one crop or crops from within a constrained geographic area.  

 No DOE or private R&D  programs are directed at solving this “transportation conundrum.” 


Is There a Solution? YES!

The Atlantic Biomass "Follow-the-Crop" Biofuels Production System





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